i duh zawng chhin la

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ka perhkhuang lamtluang

Ka Perhkhuang lamtluang

"Ain’t no diamonds I dreamt
A rag lady will awlways I be
But just to touch the string and sing a lullaby"

ka rawn ti ve leh ta phawng mai. Guitar perh ka thiam hma chuan “ka perh khuang zai tin thiam” tih hla te hi chu ka tan engmah an ni ve lo, ka kut in rimawi a siam chhuah ve thiam miau loh vang in kan choka thutthlenga ka pa tingtang ‘Givson’ ngei ami chu hnawmhnawk a tlin tep thin a,nilenga ka melh khat a chan loh chang pawh a tam mai. Mahse guitar hi an lo siam chhuak lovang tih hlau ber te zinga mi chu ka ni ve tho mai,rimawi ka ngainat tluk zet in 'Slash' hi ka ngaisang ve tho mai mawle.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

what i think-within babies, beyond a womb

What I think
Within a Babies, beyond a womb


Love led by the mother to her child is inevitable. If you ever look into the eyes of the neonates you will have an abstract noun flying over your heads. I know you will have that munchies crunchy juicy feelings and grapes your nails as if it is among those little brittle glasses you’ve seen in an old building.