i duh zawng chhin la

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Mihring chunga thleng zawng zawng hi Pathian rem ruat a nih ka ring ngai lo va; mihring chunga thleng zawng zawng erawh Pathian hmuh phak piah lama awm a awm ka ring lo bur thung. Chutiangin tun tum kan zin zet zawng a mak a ni.

Kan tum dan hmasa angin:-  Tun kum 2016 dree chawlh (apatanni chapchar kut ve ang deuh) chu intih thawven duh vang leh kan thawhpui diktei’n rawngbawlna atan a tangkai dawn a ni tih a hriat avangin a scooty tur lakpui turin Naharlagun lamah thawhtanni (4.7.16) kan insawh thla nawk nawk a; kan thlen hnu chuan diktei’n a duh ang hmulo mahse kan nawrna avangin a awm awm leiin khawlum karah kan han khalh ta rap a , a neitunu tur aiin keini ho chuan nuam kan ti mah zawkin ka hria.

Thawhlehni a hawn a nilai zan inkhawma thusawi tur ni mah ila Pathian thu ai chuan tun tum chu scooty thar chuan ka rilru a la zawk emawni chu aw tih theih khawpin ka inbuatsaih nep a, chumai pawh chu a la ni lo; ka inbuatsaihna pawh chu ka la ziak chhuak lo! Inbuatsaih ru tho siin uluk takin inbuatsaih lo mahila Lalpa’n min pui leh ang a; nidang ang bawkin tha takin ka sawi leh thei mai ang tihna rilru chu ka nei ruh ve viau a.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

a letter to my little brother

There’s a saying that every people you meet is either a lesson or a gift. I buy that hundred percent; for in my life some are a real tough lessons while some are the greatest gift anyone could ever get and he is one of them and so here’s a little letter to this greatest gift

Thursday, April 7, 2016


As I let his eyes shut I looked at his body what was once lively and blooming flowers will soon be sent to the bottom of the earth where no man rules.

It was early in the morning with a shock to see the call; ironically it was exactly the time for my every morning alarm to call me up so I don’t have anything on my mind, it was just emptiness with the dreams and the amazement.

Friday, August 22, 2014

To daddy, from an old daddy's little girl

He was born of the wood but he is the king that steals the million minds of the daddy’s little girl

Daddy was taller than the tallest men in the world and his height reaches up to the skies when he kneel down. He was stronger than those men  wrestling each other when twenty  was just old for the little darling. She remembers the so old tale and the astonishing face of the princess friends when talking about king daddy during the beginners schooling days. Dad was not taller than many dads and not stronger than many dads either but to daddy’s little princess and her child mind no men ever came across daddy’s strength.

He was a tall man but not taller than most of the trees in the park and was a well build man but not well build than the man made perfected sculpture. He never talks about his physique yet he was not an ugly man. Some woman in the community whisper that if they’re around the same age she’d surely date him and then daddy’s girl would rage over the simple gesture they’ve made because she knew that mommy was the one for daddy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Inchhunga Simeon-a lut chu a reh ruih a, boruak engngemawni deuh awm nia a hriat avangiin ringhlel deuh, rinhlelh tur hre chuang bawk si loin a chhungte a’n au ringawt a. choka-a ngawi renga Rebec-i thu chu a hmu a, mak ti takin a en reng a; Juda te danah chuan hmeichhiate an ngaihzawngte ina kal hi tih awmloh a nih avangin. Rebec-i pawh chuan ngawi rengin Simeon-a lo lut chu a en reng a, tawngkam khatmahin a be lo. Isua leh rebec-i hi naupan lai atanga inhual sa, inkawmngeih tak mahse Isua’n a tih tur a tih a ngaih avanga inthin zawm zel anni a, chhungkua, fanu, unaunu ang maiin Isua leh a chhunge hian an en a ni.