i duh zawng chhin la

Monday, March 21, 2011


Enteh! Helaiah hian nichin lawk khan phengphehlep pahnih kha tap chungin an thlawk asin. Hmuh che tumin ka lo ko che a ka kiangah I awmlo a ni tih ka lo theinghilh avangin ka zawng kual ruai che a mahse khawnge I awm tih zawh ngailoin ka hmu che,ka thinlungin a hmu che mahse min hmu ve si lo. An tap a, tap chungin an thlawk dun kha ka hmu reng a, an tap zo chiah tihiin midum pangpar zu zuk tura an inumphei kha ka hmu leh a, an nun kha hmanah kan neih tawh kha le tiin chhui kir ka tum a mahse ka mithlaah nang ka hmu si lo che a, ka zawng ruai a, ka au che a min chhang hauh lo. Khawizu chu chu dawt tura sawm che ka tum a, ka hmu si lo che. Ka mithlaa ka nun chu a bul atangin ka chhui leh a,ka la hmu ta chuang lo che a nih chu.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


That little man with a big heart

He never said he had a house full of money
Yet everyone said that he had a heart of gold
It was six month ago since he said his name
However, it looks like a forever was his
He had seen the side that was never his

Sunday, March 6, 2011



   M.S.I@Rose, Lunglei

As dawn fills the skies
Whisper lies beyond the bay
Song of angels fills the home
Love gathered once he ceased
She put her breath against the chest
Where no souls are seen alive
She faint her breath against the wall
Where a mere plank of wood sings a lullaby
Stars are far away

Thursday, March 3, 2011



What if I lay aside off all the frontless?
If the future behold of my progress
If I put this as a trisect of life
Whicky whacky tone of madness behavelled

Others behind a hind of world
Those days of fear madness of love
But then she came,the world’s been tortured

Should I say okay of all the unfortune
Behold thee had departed since that
I ponder of the moments that need be cherished
Of what we’ve been since that forday