i duh zawng chhin la

Friday, July 27, 2012


Mihring hi amah maia a awm theilo ang bawkin hmun ngai renga a suk tlauh tlauh chuan a taksa dam mah se a rilru a damlo thin tih chang chawiin ka nipui chawlh lai chu engtin tin emaw kan awmna khaw thenawm Ziro khuaah ka han tek lut hlawl a, helaiah hian kan mizo missionary te bak hmelhriat ka nei lo. Ka vawikhat kalna nilo mah se he hmun hi tlangchhip a awm a nih avangin a boruak vawt raih leh phai deuh si a tlang nisi thengthaw nuam tak te, thingtlang nun leh khawpui nun inchawhpawlh nak hian ka rilru a la reng thin. Lower Subansari district thuthmun ziro hi a boruakin a zir vang a niang chu engitk lai pawhin a ram mite'n an thar chhuah thlai leh thei tharlamleh tuihnai tak tak a awm reng a, a mi chengte an hmelthain hmuh an nuam bawk nen. Tin, helaia christian tam zawkte hi mizote tana thlaraua kan fate an lo ni leh zel bawk nen kan tan chuan tlawh hmaih chi rual a ni lo. Rem loin buaithlak teh mahse Ziro-a ka cham chhung hian a hmun leh hma thenkhat chu kan han up tha ta a

Hei hi kan kal lam Yazalli khuaa sign board lo intar a ni. He dawr neitute hian hralhloh an hlauh chu thu hran India ram pumpuia vai an tam ber ang bawk hian Vai ho hian saptawng chu an lo ngam huai ber mai a lo nih hi!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LIVING WITH SCAR-a confession from beyond kindness

It was raining and I lie on my crumpled bed the whole day inside my small room and think about many incidents and all the times I’ve been through. I knew that I was sent here after a long journey but ironically I never even thought that I’ll end up like this-inside a small room, locked up under a strict rule, never to have faced right and left alone!

Only to myself I often cried when the lights are out and when everyone seems to be head over heels busy with their own sleeping schedule. Those who knew me might feel strange; yes, it may look odd because as duly looked I always have an elated mood, splattering joy to everyone but I do well fuse when on a specific circumstances. I am not crying because of the prince charming or that kind of thing but because I need so badly the simple acceptance which normal people received!