i duh zawng chhin la

Thursday, August 25, 2011


 A Barbie pheikhawk ri atang chuan tunge a ni tih ka hriat nghal avangin kawngkhara a lo lan hma atang chuan ka’n au vak phawt a, ka thusawi zawh hma hmain “thiannu a pawlh nge a pawlh lo” tiin a zui avangin chhanlet dan tur pawh ngaihtuah hmasa lem loh chuan “a pawlh” ka’n ti leh pawp a, kawngkhara a lu aia a ban a lo lan hmasak vang emawni a sahdah bawm chu a rawn thlawk phei nghal pawp a, a tih than loh pawh a ni chuang lo. Pian nalh fahran a ni lem lo bawk a, mahni insit chungin emaw chapo tak chungin a bulah a kal theih der bik loh! Kum thum leh a chanve kan awm dun chhung khan vawi khat chiah a thinrim ka hria a chuti chung chuan a bialpa erawh vawi li aia tam mah a then ka hre hman thung! A thinrim emaw ka tih lain a lo nui leh uar uar a, nula upa pawla tel ve rual tawh e ti lo khan cartoon erawh a lawm hle thung.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

need a 'touch-me-not' !

I was strolling in the garden watching the sunset and how the trees, shrub, winds, birds and trees shove their way as the evening approaches. The little children are playing and they took it for granted that evening is a sign which shows that morning will come again, I was like them once upon a time, and they will be like me sooner or later because times go as it comes. The trees are watching the sunset too and I know the birds love to peck the rays of the sun which will no longer be seen at night.

Life never gives me what I want but it gives and provides what I need. Yes, it was a time when I really need a friend that it gave a family that I never could have asked! Like the same old evening as a moment like the year before I was watching the children playing with the ‘touch-me not’ leaves  and they enjoyed it like before as always, the thought of giving others happiness struck my heart at once

Monday, August 8, 2011

to daddy!

Looking out the window i think of you today
I saw the birds fighting through the wind to their way
When loneliness calls me ask me how fine I am
Still like a leaves, I have fallen in the agony of life
When none other than your hand held my way
My six strings are never a jewel
What else can I do to pick more jewels?
Through each road I find only papers wrapped with tears
A rag lady will dare touch the paper
But a rag lady will always I be to find rather to lost
Cause you got something more than a song
If when I am on the cliff of my life
Those were times when I fought back to life
To meet the unwinged angels
Never far yet hardly near