i duh zawng chhin la

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I sit, never to stumble for life
Tomorrow i find no souls that would wake me in a weary land
A heart of mine that ne’r bleeds
Stand before d agony of truth...
Oh, wind! When cherished thy weakest souls
Hurt being bent never accolades for deeds
Strands of tears is why i cry
I pondered for the time when no time is cherished
When hearts bleed for none and
Man cherished the souls of the unborn
When sweet will leave for life
This wrath soul’s cry for rain
When sun are never cherished
The winds never break free for clouds.
Bubbles of dark brought tears
When no tears are evil
The mind swept over thou fairest maid
Tears huddled through the breath of the living.
For each strings she cried
The humming find rest with her souls
She wink the cherish the dark
For the night love to put love on her morrow


  1. Well written, i guess it must be from the core of your heart. Rose, you are such a great peot.

  2. thank you pupu :D beyond my pleasure. thanks for stopping by :D you are far much better than me :)

  3. Oh! great...it really touch my heart..

  4. Saptawng ka thiam lo lutuk a, a awmzia pawh ka hre ve lo. Tha viau turah ka ngai ve tawp.

  5. marvinic thank you :D
    caribou mi rirlru tluang leh tha tak i ni tih ka hmu e :)

  6. thank you sekibuhchhuak :D a part of my life :D