i duh zawng chhin la

Saturday, August 28, 2010

accolation of her love


One day shy of just a teen they me
Love was far like was near at an age of unfledged love
Since they met for a while-they never met
A fa├žade was all they got but spur was the love

Providence present love anew to new world
Been on 20’s now had a chance to live on love
Fear madness of love shows on by conjure
Love was found, like was near at age of fledge of love

He need be closed to her for he love her so
He needs none to nullify the love
Stipple afore for her to be in a mansion
Where love ne’r grew old

He had past and she don’t care
She had past either he care for love is their tower
All on miles, a much distance doesn’t matter
Treasured the words, kept a promise to ablaze the love

Love be huddled and accolade
For empty souls find place to rest
She pondered for him to add love
Give mirth of love for she love him so

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