i duh zawng chhin la

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy birthday jen

When the simple song fades away
You are all stripped away
And before you know
The song stopped to glow
Still you stood there in the dark
Waiting the song to put your heart on mark
As pilgrim we always be
Swiftly the song put lullaby for you to see
“So many souls” you whisper
“Are like mine that render”
“So many souls” we whisper

“Are like yours that not render”
You long for a land
A land where roses never fade
The leaves never turn grey
And the roots never went dry
Put your souls at ease first
Don’t mingle for yesterday
Cause yesterday is just a fairy tale
With no deeds and heart to sale
Though yesterday is still on gold
Each ocean is full of their tears too
I find no postman knock on the door
“Here’s a letter from heaven fund on floor”
Still a letter’s waiting each day ashore
On it writ’ ‘love not out of bay
I hand the sun I promise
Those are rain you won’t wait
These are clouds hid in my bureau
And that the thunder been on fray
Peeping through the holes of heaven
Never passes a day without a view
Took a glimpse of his li’l girl
A view of his li’l girl he once holds
A view of love which ne’r grow old
He envied much here on earth
But envied none in heaven
For the love he always knew
The love so deep and through
That put might on both the heart
Still peeping through the holes
He saw his li’l girl under the rain
He knew she whisper as she cried
“it wont be like this for long”
Then holding her hand from heaven
Tears drop on the maven
And whisper “someday”
“I’ll take you where roses never fade
And the stars never hang low”
Someday is a long winding road
But the roads you feel are not broad
Someday will come someday
Till someone I met on the highway
Turn not to someone
Living close to this then if
I put my fingers across the ocean of your tears
I won’t tell you not to weep
For all tears are not evil
I won’t tell you to smile and fight
For all strength are not as good it seems
Here’s a letter that might be cherished
That might hold places within your heart
Not from heaven but a part
Live for today and believe tomorrow
And never for yesterday


  1. Thusawi thiam an awm a, tawngkam thiam an awm a, titi thiam an awm bawk a, thuziak thiam an awm bawk. Thuziak i thiam hle a, thuchham chi ziak ah pawh i duai lo khawp mai. Mahni tawnga thuziak pawh a harsat tawh laiin saptawng ngata mawihnai taka thu i rawn ziak thei hi fak i phu khawp mai. I talent i up bo palh hlauh hma hian a dang pawh han ziak belh zel teh.

  2. thank you caribou. ka lo tang sauh sauh ang e,ka blog i lo visit a ka lawm e. rilru kal tur hian ka hun hian a zir lo lutuk a,a buaithlak deuh tihh mai loh hi chu chhuanlam pawh ka nei lo e. thank you once again