i duh zawng chhin la

Sunday, March 6, 2011



   M.S.I@Rose, Lunglei

As dawn fills the skies
Whisper lies beyond the bay
Song of angels fills the home
Love gathered once he ceased
She put her breath against the chest
Where no souls are seen alive
She faint her breath against the wall
Where a mere plank of wood sings a lullaby
Stars are far away

No morning glory bloom to wave him hi!
Still sunset fills the dawn
The bloom of yesterday fills the gloom for today
No man cherished the souls of the unborn
No man sees his souls as a Moses
Still her heart trembled for what she had long ago
That she’ll never meet from tomorrow
She wept for his lifeless soul that he’ll never know
She hold the hands of coldness that he’ll never more cherished
Not enough of it she still longs for the lifeless soul
Words are hard enough for her to find
To tell him how much she needed him
She ran out of life as she whispered
“I vow, I’ll meet you where roses never fade
And the stars never hang low”