i duh zawng chhin la

Saturday, March 12, 2011


That little man with a big heart

He never said he had a house full of money
Yet everyone said that he had a heart of gold
It was six month ago since he said his name
However, it looks like a forever was his
He had seen the side that was never his
Yet own it like it was his world
Lost beauty was never in his prime
Yet beauty was always at his door
He believe he belong here and there
Never was at stake to him
A welkin was never his strength
Yet stronger than the one he always knew
Simple as it fades to black
Rise up within like morning sunshine
When you make the stars go so blue
When you make tommorow shine so full
When the footprints are so full of clue
Still what will you see in a fool
When you whisper 'these are all mine'
Like a litttle child in a mime
Under the  sun, ask the moon to shine
Jump up to sky when on a chime
When thought too far for reality
When reality too far to see
Eyes of heaven enter the heart
Point to heart through arc
A heart that was never full of lust
Had never born with a dust
My friend i never knew
Never knew that the truth will let me see
And its you, you
Who’ll always let me be ME

That little man with a big heart