i duh zawng chhin la

Monday, August 8, 2011

to daddy!

Looking out the window i think of you today
I saw the birds fighting through the wind to their way
When loneliness calls me ask me how fine I am
Still like a leaves, I have fallen in the agony of life
When none other than your hand held my way
My six strings are never a jewel
What else can I do to pick more jewels?
Through each road I find only papers wrapped with tears
A rag lady will dare touch the paper
But a rag lady will always I be to find rather to lost
Cause you got something more than a song
If when I am on the cliff of my life
Those were times when I fought back to life
To meet the unwinged angels
Never far yet hardly near
Taught me how to fly even if it is more than what I have
Dreams are never forsaken as you
Dreams come and go as me
Dreams are never cried out
Still dreams are never out of touch
Life seems so hard here and alone
I need none to wake me out of this dream
Everyday is a wonder and to you
Wonder are never far from dreams
And to me my strength is in my dreams
When I’m awake you appear like a dream to me
Angels I thought are maid in heaven
But there you are an angel wrapped with hearts
Days come and go as we
Still nobody live alone as them
One day you and I will fly to somewhere
To a land where we always long for
As days are never long enough to let the spirit fly
The battles that you had fought will let you win
To the faith that keep you alive
Yesterday are just a fairy tales
Fairy tales are gone
Never love for yesterday
But for tomorrow where every battle begins
Dance for tomorrow not for today
Time is a wheel in constant motion rolling over us
Pray for the night not for the morning
The sun is too cold to shine behind you
The rains are too few to drop on your hand
The clouds are thick enough to leave you here
Cry for tomorrow and not for yesterday
Times as you feel will run in your hand
Clock as you grasp will twist before your eyes
Still you are a touched to each
You are an all wrapped in one
You will live with winged angels
One day when no other collide
Under your wings I’ll still learn to fly
Even if you are gone you will live
Until every face I see collide away from here
You will live on in my life
Your fire will never die
Your life is more than just a song
You will live on

Happy birthday

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