i duh zawng chhin la

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

need a 'touch-me-not' !

I was strolling in the garden watching the sunset and how the trees, shrub, winds, birds and trees shove their way as the evening approaches. The little children are playing and they took it for granted that evening is a sign which shows that morning will come again, I was like them once upon a time, and they will be like me sooner or later because times go as it comes. The trees are watching the sunset too and I know the birds love to peck the rays of the sun which will no longer be seen at night.

Life never gives me what I want but it gives and provides what I need. Yes, it was a time when I really need a friend that it gave a family that I never could have asked! Like the same old evening as a moment like the year before I was watching the children playing with the ‘touch-me not’ leaves  and they enjoyed it like before as always, the thought of giving others happiness struck my heart at once
. The little shy leaves enjoy its short life and gives happiness by just bowing her arms for the sake of the little kids and the tender snowflakes. Yes! We might say that’s how God created it, well it sure is but even us-we are created to make others happy with just a small act. This little leaves live to give happiness all the time whether the sun is watching or the moonlight lit the earth, it doesn’t care why, where, what, it might feel sick sometime or tired to fold its tiny leaves, the leaves that is as small as a peck of a fallen nail but never complain.

Here I am with a broken heart that never know the real meaning of love stood in the agony of truth like I always do, who wanted to move on, felt as if the world is tumbling but the little leaves speak to me like it never does. Yes, I am made to make others happy like this little leaves but I always fail because of what is in me and the reason that I always forget I am made to do so! The value of one being is not measured by its size and quantity but measured in which one fulfills its duty as ordered by its maker.

The thought of this tiny leaves was never measured by the little children who swam around the river of cool breeze and the evening yet both were content with what life has given them. They never think of the unfortunate opportunities of life and the past never killed them either, they also have past to regret yet that seems like a treasure hidden beneath the deepest ocean. I’ve seen the faces of my tender snowflakes everyday and I watched the little leaves every evening or whenever my schedule permit me, each of them are different but they are always the same, they love, live, play, move as they should but me, I love like I should but I don’t live as I should which gave me hell in my life. I’ve seen the years passes by and I often made up my mind to go on, failure took me like I am a part of its home, now I lose everything to find out what I had. Everyone had past, even the little leaves had past and there comes a time in everyone’s life where past is the key to life and all I can see is the year passes by. The map in the old man’s face is a treasure and the yellow tangled leaves in the tiny branch are a treasure too and they’ll never change as time never allows me to change my past. I’m trapped in the past till the future show what it behold for me! Now I dream as if I don’t belong here and I know there is no guarantee but I had you my ‘touch-me not’ leaves, I knew I had you when you give happiness to me and my snowflakes just by folding your leaves at the slight touch. I should have done that too!

Yes, I never knew what I had until I lost it. Life has been waiting for me patiently and I’m moving on!


  1. What a sweet, sad and deep post... sometimes, we all need this too.

  2. thank you mizohican. i really need to move on but its so hard!

  3. k ni Rose, thu leh hla huangah mawi takin par jel nang che. i tawrhna erawh hnemtu tong molh nang che. i dam toh amw k tia

  4. hlimna hi a zawngtu chuan a hmu ngei ngei thin tea :)

  5. nice reading, well written.......... like it.

  6. thank you pupu, yes, life is sometimes counted by tears and sorrow