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Friday, August 22, 2014

To daddy, from an old daddy's little girl

He was born of the wood but he is the king that steals the million minds of the daddy’s little girl

Daddy was taller than the tallest men in the world and his height reaches up to the skies when he kneel down. He was stronger than those men  wrestling each other when twenty  was just old for the little darling. She remembers the so old tale and the astonishing face of the princess friends when talking about king daddy during the beginners schooling days. Dad was not taller than many dads and not stronger than many dads either but to daddy’s little princess and her child mind no men ever came across daddy’s strength.

He was a tall man but not taller than most of the trees in the park and was a well build man but not well build than the man made perfected sculpture. He never talks about his physique yet he was not an ugly man. Some woman in the community whisper that if they’re around the same age she’d surely date him and then daddy’s girl would rage over the simple gesture they’ve made because she knew that mommy was the one for daddy.

Daddy’s hands was not as soft as a satin made gown and was not silky as the hands of a king who reign over a vast Domain yet there’s no hand like the hand who folded his prayer when he was happy and when he was sad. It was always gentle and full of love not only to his wife and children but to everyone around and that always amaze me. His hands was rough to the touch yet soft when somebody cries and I would not pray for another hand in my life other than daddy’s hands.

Daddy was crazy about the girl with narrow eyes whom everybody claimed to be something unfortunate. She became daddy’s girl of all her sibling maybe because of her relationship in the eye with the Mother Nature. She was a baby once and daddy often held her in the hand. She grew up to be the one for daddy when she turn out to be at her peak of life  but then she’d still be daddy’s little girl. Daddy did his best to raise his little girl up and said, “this is the best I could” so many times.

Daddy often walks alone for his little girl and he never seems to miss the finer things in life except for being a husband, a father and a friend. While everyone walks in the meadow he walks alone along the rocky mountain just to earn a penny for his little girl. If he never looks to the father; he’d often crumbled on the rock, lay right there and even the sand of his forefather’s body will never be reminiscence.

Daddy is not a warrior yet he was as stern as the Roman’s emperor’s chief, he is not a pastor yet he cares for the world and his hands was as soft as a field of cotton he neither is a scientist nor a flight controller yet he has his own ways in every walks of life. he was a fighter and fought life to the very edge. A map on his face and the silver strands on his head was his beauty while none called him handsome; he was so to daddy’s little girl. His lines on his face were his pride and his eyes that wither many times were his tone of life he led- that beautiful life.

He never was a millionaire but never poor for the money he hardly earn went to the poor man’s bread and the gold on his pouch is just a reflection yet daddy was a man who never breaks down. Well, daddy is a tall man; so tall that even when he knelt down to pray he reach all the way to heaven.

Daddy’s little girl was proud, is proud and will always be. She knew that daddy was not the best boy in town, is not the learn man whom everybody adore; was never and all that he knew was how to dig the soil with his rough hand yet which is so soft. Even though his fine lines will go deeper  and deeper, his cheeks may get rougher than anyone else but still than daddy is daddy and his little girl is still daddy beautiful princess.

Daddy’s little girl watch daddy’s silver hair and wonder how time can take away the toll on daddy. The silver strands and the dusk face on which the sweat falls like river during his youth catch a glimpse of heaven. He is a single star among the grey while the rain is falling. Daddy is the one who will hold the little princess hand when heaven open. Yes, he will and he is golden and time will kiss his time.

Shadows may fall and darkness may win. Rain may pour and thunder may strike. His hands may fall and knees may get weak; perfect moment may pass by and time may torture daddy; even then the smallest part of his little girl meant everything to daddy. A princess may tumble and fall down, she may fly through the air and blew over the cloud; even then daddy will be golden to daddy’s little girl.  Daddy’s little girl believe that God will even be pleased with the forgiving heart, the mind that gives, the  spirit that set free and a body that believe that is bestowed on daddy.

Lord knows what’s in his heart and was changed when his little girl strolled in his life. For being a friend, a husband, a father and for many a reason Daddy’s little girl is daddy’s little girl-the same little girl 30 years ago and his little girl is strong, brave and courageous. She can go through every hardship and torture even when life pushes her to the edge because she’s daddy’s little girl. She became daddy’s little just because of her daddy! Blessed be the daddy who walk with his little girl even before she strolled in the journey of life and it will be the hands of daddy’s little girl he’ll hold when heaven's open


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