i duh zawng chhin la

Thursday, April 21, 2016

a letter to my little brother

There’s a saying that every people you meet is either a lesson or a gift. I buy that hundred percent; for in my life some are a real tough lessons while some are the greatest gift anyone could ever get and he is one of them and so here’s a little letter to this greatest gift

My little brother,

In the beginning I’ve seen you once or twice and we never had a reason to talk to each other, neither me nor you! You had never pricked my heart and your moves have never touched me either. As you know I am a woman who sees everyone as a picture that has been painted by God and I looked at you as a beautiful art of God and a good picture too. Had I known that you would be the one to turn me around over and over again; I should have shaken your hand as hard as you deserves on our first gaze.

You were walking along the little corridor as I was guessing on my mind about you. Particularly that is how I used to behave with myself whenever I meet some new people. your face look familiar to me and particularly I had a great idea in my head of which I am so sure of; assuming that you can be the brother of an unknown name but a known face whom I’ve seen every Sunday. Later I’ve come to learn that you really are. Mother Nature has given us this special bond between families that others won’t be able to have. May it be a birthmark, mole or walking style? Well, this has been one of the greatest things that Mother Nature uses to identify a specific species and family.

Counting all the time we've been through I realize that I could not ask for more and you make me wanted to thank God. Every moment makes me feel grateful that I am alive. Looking at you, I have all I've asked for . Your ways touched my life so deep that you make me free to be me and I couldn't ask for more.

God is good and there’s no doubt! I never doubted it either. God knows my fear of aching and he knows the mountain I have to climb. In each of my step He never fails me in giving someone to hold on to my broken hands and this time too, He did not fail me. To be precise, my steps have been guarded by God and you have been given to me to be my guardian angel in this beautiful sleepy little town.

You are no doubt my most precious jewel hidden in the deepest trench of my heart. You are my little brother, the thing that I always wanted to have, you are my friend-the good thing that everyone need and you are my jewel- the reason why I’ll always thank God. Like I used to tell you there’s always many reason to thank God every day, countless numbers have been written on my blue diary and you are among them.

I remember every little detail of our first conversation. By that time I didn’t know your name so I got it from some other people and you were there with your warm smile giving yourself away for me like you’ve done it so many times. The little talk, the little conversation had been deeply embedded in my heart and time will never erased it for it was the beginning of the turning point you made in my life.

The first gaze clash with the time when I was almost over the edge resulting from the thing I’ve done; of which I was not supposed to do. You were there and fate has chosen you to be the one I can count on. Looking back those times and recalling every minute; I never found the reason why I chose you to be the one to lean on and I never will. This is the one reason which makes it so sure that you are a gift.

Like I often said, some people are for a reason, some for a season, some a lesson and some a gift and a jewel. You are for a reason through all the season; a gift and a jewel for your ways have turned my life upside down. I can never tell and write the entire lesson I’ve learned from you through every road that we walk. You are in the pages of my life and I never wanted that to end. I know family comes with blood but the strongest is the one that comes with the heart, we don't get to chose a faily because they are a gift. Sure you are!

I am here, in the place where I had been sent thinking and believing that I had so much to offer but nevertheless this little town have so many things to offer along with its beauty and serene; it’s you and your life, the joy and the walk I have and will have with you. I’ve made a wrong turn not only once or twice but more than that  you are the right and the best turn that I’ve taken.

The little things that you do are to me the great gift of this town and I’ve learn to love your people in many ways and much more then beyond my imagination. There are thousands of words which can define the good things I’ve seen and learn from you but not even the count of my fingers can tell the ways about you that I don’t like. To me you are perfect and I often anticipate for what may come. Even though I want you to stay the same, life will often knock you down and in those times remember I will be there for you through thick and thin like you’ve been to me.

Your modest and humble life have swept me through my low days, the joys of knowing that you will always listen to my blabber is in fact my little sunshine. It is undeniable that you fill my little world with so much joy and lesson that I made myself turn back at one. Your strength of saying ‘yes’ to all the things have make me blow with the pride of knowing you and giving yourself to other’s joy and pleasure is the rescued me from believing that life is a mountain that have to be climbed with tears. I know how hard it is to sacrifice the things you like but you did with great ease that made me wanted to sacrifice myself for the cause of not only others, but for the cause of all humanity. You are one of a kind, specially made n heaven. You make me proud to be here in this world.

If you’d believe I’d like to tell you a simple truth that you so deserve from me. I often picked a pen to write something to you, I want to tell you so many things; I want to tear my life open to you knowing that you are one of the most special flowers blooming in God’s garden. I want to return all the things you did for me but everyone knows that I am not a god so all I want is you to be strong in the Lord so that you can do great things for everyone. In this world full of hatred and lies I want you to forgive and forget but never to forget the reason why you are here on this world. I know God got His hands on you so take time to pray to heal every little scar that embed on your spiritual and physical life.

Sometime it is difficult to go according to rules and to do everything according to our beliefs, we often need a wall to protect us from the harmful rays that can fall on us, say a word of prayer and put a wall around you. I told you this because I never wanted to see you torn apart as I’ve walked this road often. My little brother, remember that sometimes we are born to try and love beyond measure. Your smile has often lit my life to its brightest and I wish you’d never lose your smile so that the world can see what I see in you; the warmth of your smile which is a treasure beyond measure.

I’ve find God’s grace in you, the way you treat others, the humbleness beside the good things that you’ve got left the deepest lesson in my life. I’ve learn to be humble in spite of the little good things that I’ve got and you turn me around so many times with so many reason.


I know you are So tender yet so true and so weak yet so strong. You may find yourself standing in the midst of poverty but I find you rich for all the things that money cannot buy are inside you. Now I find it easy to see how God has been so good and kind to me because of you. My little brother, through you I’ve learn to love life, I’ve seen the beauty of life and I’ve seen the grace of my life.

At this time of the night, a thought in my head i'd like to tell is that life will go on, we may not be able to give each other a joyful hello even once in a year; and when you feel the world stand still and the weight of the world on your shoulder is hard to bear and even feel that you can't go on, remeber I am there and I promise to walk with you even when you can't cope.somebody will always be there to stand with you and I will be that somebody. I may be too small to stop the rain but I will fight your fight and walk in the rain with you. I won't let you fall.

When the sun sets in this valley and when the rice field catch a glimpse of heaven; your life and your way streaks across the room of my life.  The day you strolled in my life had been stolen, all the good things and the joy that follows rolled in my life again. The smallest part of who you are is the biggest part of me. Sometimes words are hard enough to find for the perfect line I am looking for to tell you how much you mean to me and how much you’ve touched my life. You are my little brother, you are golden.

If I need any proof and evidence that God is good, let me say it straight from my heart that walking this troubled journey with you is enough for in my myriad ways you’ve taught me how beautiful is the heart that care.Stay the same.


  1. thats a very positive way to look at it..
    why not write often?

  2. thank you, i need to see some miracles often :-). you need that too. hehhe

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